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Coronavirus Forces Biden & Sanders, Both Nearly 80, To Address Health at Dem Debate

When it comes to the virus, the elderly are at a greater risk — and let’s face it, both candidates are elderly.

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Both of the major Democratic candidates running for president are nearly 80 years old.  With COVID-19 at the forefront of Sunday’s Democratic debate between Sen. Bernie Sanders, 78, and former VP Joe Biden, 77, the state of their health was unsurprisingly brought up. 

People over the age of 60 with preexisting health conditions are particularly at risk when it comes to the virus. So moderator Dana Bash asked them to explain how they are protecting themselves against it.

Sanders, who suffered a heart attack in 2019, said he did a remote “fireside chat” in lieu of a rally Saturday night, and that his entire staff is currently working remotely. He also said he is being extra careful about the people he is interacting with and “using a lot of soap and hand sanitizers.”

Biden said that he is not shaking hands with anyone or touching his face, and that his staff is also working from home. He is also opting for virtual rallies and “is taking all the precautions everyone should be taking.”

To accommodate health policies set in place around the country to prevent the spread of the virus, the debate on Sunday did not even have an audience, and the candidates’ podiums were at least 6 feet apart.

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