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Democratic Leaders Describe Trump’s Meeting 'Meltdown'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters that Trump's "meltdown" forced a bipartisan meeting on Syria to come to an abrupt end.

Leaders on Wednesday said President Trump had a “very serious meltdown” during a bipartisan White House meetingDemocratic leaders briefed reporters immediately afterward, saying that they couldn’t "continue in their meeting"on Syria because of it.

Earlier that day, the House passed a resolution opposing Trump's decision to pull U.S. forces from N. Syria, a move that got backlash from both parties. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, joined by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, said after the meeting Trump was "shaken up" by the votes.

"He was just not relating to the reality of it," Pelosi said of the situation in Syria. Schumer said Trump called Speaker Pelosi a “third-rate politician,” during his “nasty diatribe,”To which Pelosi responded, “I wish you were a politician, Mr. President.”

Schumer also said he was waiting to ask the president about intelligence reports on the Turks in Syria guarding ISIS.

“We also expressed our concern that we have been asking for an all-member, bipartisan, briefing to the House of Representatives on what is happening in Syria. It was scheduled for tomorrow, but they cancelled it,” Pelosi said. “That was part of our question, why are you not briefing all of Congress?”

The Democratic leaders also said Trump accused them of possibly liking ISIS because “some of them are communists.” The White House said later that Trump was “measured, factual and decisive.”

This reported meltdown comes just a few weeks after Pelosi formally announced an impeachment inquiry against Trump.

When asked if the topic of impeachment came up during the meeting, Speaker Pelosi said no.

"Now we have to pray for his health," she said. Because this was a very serious meltdown."

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