Michael Bloomberg’s Super Bowl Ad Pushes For Gun Reform

The former NYC Mayor and 2020 Democratic hopeful’s campaign has spent roughly $90 million on television ads.

Getty Images

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign will be airing a commercial during the Super Bowl that focuses on gun violence.
The 2020 Democratic candidate’s ad features a somber story told by a grieving mother. Remembering her son, who was killed in an act of gun violence at age 20, the woman in the ad also references Bloomberg’s record on seeking tougher gun reform laws. 

Bloomberg and President Trump have both purchased ad slots for the Super Bowl, which cost more than $10 million apiece. According to USA Today’s Ad Meter, they will be the first two campaign ads to run during the Super Bowl since at least 1989, when it started ranking Super Bowl ads by consumer rating. Trump’s ad will reportedly focus on celebrating his time in office

Bloomberg has been vocal about his resolve to get Trump out of the Oval Office. He even told the New York Times that he hasn’t ruled out spending $1 billion of his own money to beat Trump — even if he doesn’t get the 2020 nomination.

“It depends whether the candidate needs help; if they’re doing very well, they need less. If they’re not, they’ll need more,” he explained during a campaign visit to Texas.
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