Exclusive: Trump Ally Cut Ties To His Own Daughter After 2016 Election

This woman says she was "disowned" by her father, key Trump ally Michael Caputo, after he began working on the 2016 campaign.

Miranda Jansing says Michael Caputo disowned her after the 2016 election.

Caputo is a GOP strategist and spokesperson. He started in politics as a protégé of Roger Stone and later worked for Presidents Reagan and H.W. Bush. He was also an early staffer when Trump ran for president—and while he was on his campaign for just six months, he continued to support and defend his record after the election.

Jansing said she’s survived as a single mother and has been on government subsidies in the past. She describes herself as liberal because she doesn’t want anyone else to feel as hopeless as she has before.

As a young child, she says she grew up without Caputo in her life and didn’t meet him until 2011 when she was 27. He prefaced his conservatism to her, but said he would not allow politics to separate them.

“I grew up in Scientology, which is very limiting. They’re very manipulative. If you don’t fit into their molds they try and break you to fit into their molds,” she explained. “I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence because my whole life, my childhood, I was always told I was never good enough. I’m never going to be anything. I wish that Michael has been around to step in and be like, this is probably not a good thing.”

As the 2016 campaign trail progressed, she said that it became harder and harder to talk with her father. Their relationship hit a breaking point in 2017 when they had a fight on social media over an opinion she had about gun violence.

“In June of 2017, when the shooter attacked the Republican baseball team, I wrote a post,” she explained “I was disowned because of that. And I have not talked to him since.”

If she could give him a message, Jansing said it would be that she wishes this wasn’t the end of their relationship.

“It probably would take some time. But I’ve forgiven a lot of people [for] a lot of worse things,” she said.