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Trump Plans to Host G7 At His Miami Resort

Many are already calling Trump’s G7 Summit decision self-serving.

Trump Will Host G7 Summit at His Miami Resort
Among a number of stunning announcements, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed today that Trump will host the upcoming G7 Summit at his Doral International Resort in Miami. 

Many reacted by pointing this decision out as just another example of how the president is leveraging his power to benefit his private businesses. Mulvaney attempted to curb accusations of Trump abusing his power, saying that Trump’s brand is “already strong enough on its own.”
“There will be folks that will never get over that it’s a Trump property. We get that,” he said. “He’s not making any money off of this, just like he’s not making any money from working here.”
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler has stated in the past that the committee would request White House documents in order to investigate the legality of the summit being held at Doral.
Along with the G7 announcement was Mulvaney’s bombshell quid pro quo admission, saying that the Trump administration withheld military aid to Ukraine while requesting they investigate allegations that foreign countries assisted Democrats in 2016.
The revealing news conference came during a contentious week for the White House as the administration deals with Trump’s impeachment inquiry and backlash over the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria.