President Trump's Impeachment Lawyer Has Defended Epstein, Weinstein, & OJ

That attorney is Alan Dershowitz. He will be joined by Ken Starr, who also defended Jeffrey Epstein and led the impeachment against former Pres. Bill Clinton.

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President Donald Trump's defense team for his impending impeachment trial in the Senate includes an attorney who has defended O.J. Simpson, Jeffrey Epstein, and Harvey Weinstein.

That attorney is Alan Dershowitz, the AP confirmed on Friday. Dershowitz will be joined by Ken Starr and Pam Bondi. Starr has also defended Epstein, and he was the independent counsel who led the Clinton impeachment investigation.

Bondi is a former Florida Attorney General who dropped an investigation into Trump's fraudulent university scam after receiving campaign contributions (a $25,000 donation) from the Trump Foundation.

Disgraced mogul Weinstein is currently on trial in New York for sex crimes including rape. He has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 80 women. Epstein was a convicted sex offender who died in prison last year.

Trump's impeachment trial is set to begin on January 21.