Here Are Some of the Best Commercials From Super Bowl LIV

We laughed, we cried, we spoke in a Boston accent.


One of the highest-viewed television events of the year has come and gone—Super Bowl LIV. The Kansas City Chiefs walked away with a victory over the San Francisco 49ers, and Shakira and Jennifer Lopez rocked our world with their halftime show. But the other winners of the night were undoubtedly the commercials. 

Advertisers spend millions of dollars for a 30-second (or longer) spot during the big game and usually deliver when it comes to entertainment value and celebrity cameos (check out our list of the most memorable commercials over the last decade here). 

This year was no different—here is a round-up of some of the best Super Bowl commercials from Sunday night: 

  • Bill Murray “Groundhog Day”— Jeep

  • Wicked smaht Bahston Accents—Hyundai

  • Inside Post Malone’s brain— Bud Light Seltzer

  • Scout the cancer-surviving good boy—WeatherTech

  • Raiders’ player Josh Jacobs talking to his younger self—Kia

  • A love story that made us sob—Google

  • Jason Momoa becoming a skinny, bald legend—Rocket Mortgage

  • Tom Brady trolling all of us (why won’t he retire)—Hulu

  • Lil Nas X vs. Sam Elliott—Doritos Cool Ranch

  • NFL’s next 100 (feat. kids who then ran onto the field)

  • Bryan Cranston scaring us all—Mountain Dew

  • Rick and Morty being trapped in a Pringles commercial

  • Typical American—Budweiser

  • “Be the one” feat. the first female coach at a Super Bowl—Microsoft

  • Ellen & Portia pre-Alexa— Amazon