John Krasinksi Turns 40, Asks Fans to Donate to Cancer Charity

The actor decided to celebrate his birthday by asking fans and other celebrities to donate to Family Reach, which benefits families of people battling cancer.

John Krasinski took to Instagram on Sunday to ask his friends and followers to send him money via Venmo for his 40th birthday. After joking that the money was for him, Krasinski explained that he actually planned on donating it to Family Reach—an organization dedicated to helping families of people diagnosed with cancer. 

Krasinski turned 40 this Sunday and jokingly “demanded” gifts for his birthday. He gave his Venmo name, @JKbday, adding, “lucky for you, I'm old school. I like cash.”

The silly stunt was done to raise money for Family Reach, a non-profit organization that Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, have worked closely with for years. The charity aids families of those affected by cancer by lifting some of the financial burdens. 

“Okay truth be told, I’ll be sharing the money with my great friends at Family Reach,”  he said. “So, open your hearts, open up your cyber wallets, and make my birthday dreams come true.”

Krasinski called on some of his famous friends to donate to the cause through his Twitter and Instagram accounts, and stars like Ellen Degeneres,  Dwayne Johnson, and Jimmy Kimmel were among those who donated. 

According to research on, 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with one of the four major cancers in 2019. What’s more, nearly ⅓ of families are unable to afford basic needs because their family member is in cancer treatment, and cancer patients are 2.65 times more likely to declare bankruptcy than those without cancer. Family Reach works to supplement those additional costs that families can’t afford when affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Family Reach says donations for Krasiniki’s birthday have not slowed down since they began. He will be accepting donations via Venmo until October 27.