Lady Gaga And Fan Fall Off Stage During Vegas Show

Lady Gaga had her legs wrapped around a fan on-stage before they both toppled into the audience.

Front-row fans were stunned when Lady Gaga tumbled off the concert stage while dancing with a fan Thursday night.

During a number in Gaga’s Enigma Las Vegas residency show, she was dancing with a man whom she had invited to join her. He hugged her and picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around his body — but his foot slipped, sending them both off the edge of the stage.
After the spill, she recovered and assured the fan that it wasn’t his fault.

“Everything's OK. The only thing that's not OK is we need some stairs for the damn stage to get back up," she said.

The fan was flustered and upset from the fall, she invited him back on stage to carry on with the show, “‘Can you promise me something? Can you just forgive yourself right now for that happening?’" she asked. "It takes two to tango.”

Gaga has been public about her struggle with fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes widespread pain in the body, but the singer muscled through the performance. Later she posted about her “post show routine” on Instagram, which involves sitting in an ice bath for 5-10 minutes, soaking in a hot bath for 20 minutes, then laying in an ice-packed compression suit for 20 minutes.