“Schitt’s Creek” Series Finale Was the Uplifting Ending Everyone Needed

The cast, crew, and fans all had emotional reactions after Tuesday night’s finale, which wrapped up six seasons of a beloved TV show.

Twitter/ Schitt's Creek

The cult phenomenon “Schitt’s Creek” came to end on Tuesday night, leaving its fans with a bittersweet conclusion, while also giving a behind-the-scenes look into the show. 

During its six season run on PopTV, the Canadian sitcom about the dysfunctional-yet-charming Rose family soared in popularity. The episode was followed by an hour-long documentary called “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell,” which gave fans a peek into the cast and crew working on set, table reads, final scenes for the actors, and other emotional moments. It also showed letters written to co-creator Dan Levy—who played David Rose— from a group of moms of LGBTQ+ children thanking him for showing a queer character and same-sex marriage on the show. 

Levy and other actors from the show thanked fans for their dedication:

As expected, fans of the show reacted strongly to the series ending, giving praise to the show’s creators and what it meant to them:

People even mentioned how the finale came at a particularly stressful time and was a much-needed distraction:

So long, Schitt’s Creek.