Nationals Fan Who Took a Ball to the Chest Is in Bud Light Commercials

Rather than sacrifice the two Bud Lights he was holding, this devoted fan took a ball to the chest.

The Nationals may have taken home the World Series trophy — but one of their fans achieved viral stardom after taking a homerun ball to the chest.
During Game 5 of the series, Yordon Alvarez hit a homerun over the wall straight into the path of a Nationals fan, who happened to be holding two Bud Lights. Rather than sacrifice the two beers he was double-fisting, the fan, whose name is Jeff Adams, braced for ball, which hit him solidly in the chest. Fortunately, neither of the brews were compromised upon impact.

The viral moment took off on Twitter with users praising Adams’ commitment to his tall boys. In addition to being interviewed mid-game, he also got to star in two Bud Light commercials, featuring his very own blow to the chest.
The company released the first commercial during Game 6 on Tuesday, praising “Our Hero, Jeff Adams.” Their second commercial humorously credits Adams for helping turn the Nationals’ luck around so they could win the World Series.
“We’re not saying you turned the series, but we’re not saying you didn’t,” it jokes.
“We were so inspired by the athleticism of Jeff Adams, we knew we had to reward him for his act of heroism in not spilling one drop of his Bud Lights,” a Bud Light vice president said in a press release. “This is the first time we’ve featured a Bud Light fan in a nationally-televised commercial, and he’s the perfect guy to represent baseball and Bud Light fans across the country.”