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Joe Biden Is Sweeping Super Tuesday States, But It's Not Over Yet

The night quickly became a very clear contest between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Super Tuesday — the biggest day of the Democratic presidential primary race— has come and gone, and yet, it's not over. More than a third of all delegates will be awarded based on the votes from Tuesday, meaning the Democratic nomination is still very much up for grabs.

Here's where things stand as of 12 am ET:

Former VP Joe Biden won:

  • Virginia
  • North Carolina 
  • Alabama
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Minnesota
  • Arkansas
  • Massachusetts — Biden beat out Warren in her own state.
  • Texas
Sen. Bernie Sanders won: 
  • Vermont
  • Colorado
  • Utah
Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg won:
  • American Samoa
As of 9 am ET, the verdict is still out for Maine and California. AP has projected Sanders to win California, but local reports indicate voting delays and issues at various poll locations. Sanders, Warren, and Biden all filed a motion to extend polling hours, but it was denied. California's mail-in ballots could also take days to count. 

NowThis broadcasted live from our studio in New York all night to bring you analysis, results, and discussion with guests. We also had teams on the ground in the Super Tuesday states of California, Texas, and Virginia. Watch our video here for our full night's coverage, and below for some recaps. 

Montgomery, Alabama's first-ever Black mayor chimed in on Biden's win in the state:

Warren said at a Detroit, MI rally earlier in the night that she will keep persisting.

An advocate for disability rights talked about accessibility issues during primaries and election day:

Snapchat users across the country and our reporters snapped in from the field to show us what's happening. Watch here:

Joe Biden won Virginia early on in a state that saw an unprecedented voter turnout:

Biden had an eventful night — protesters stormed the stage at his Los Angeles rally before being subsequently hauled off. A woman ran onto the stage holding a sign that said, “Let Dairy Die.” She was immediately pulled off the stage, but another woman ran up after her. She was also removed. 

The protesters are from an LA-based organization called “Direct Action Everywhere,” which advocates for animal rights and social justice. 

This isn’t the first time the group has made an appearance at political events — last month, topless protesters with fake blood painted on their chests stormed the stage during a Bernie Sanders rally in Nevada, grabbing the mic and condemning the dairy industry. They also interrupted his rally in Richmond, CA the next day. Two of the topless women were arrested in Nevada for indecent exposure.

TBD until we know the final delegate counts, but here's where everyone stands as of 12 am ET, according to the New York Times.

Joe Biden: 228
Bernie Sanders: 211
Elizabeth Warren: 13
Michael Bloomberg: 8 
Tulsi Gabbard: 1

Here are some of the latest developments and things to keep in mind:

  • Former VP Joe Biden racked up the endorsements of former candidates Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Beto O'Rourke last night. Moderates are coalescing around Biden's candidacy after his win in South Carolina this weekend.
  • If any candidate gets 15% or more of the votes in a state, they earn delegates from that result. That means even if Sanders wins California, Biden and Warren could still get a number of delegates depending on the vote breakdown.
  • Speaking of California, don't expect all the results from that state to be available on Tuesday night: they'll have millions of mail-in ballots that need to be counted over the next few days or week. Learn more here.

Shout to our live staff:
NowThis Senior Correspondent Versha Sharma
Political Analyst Carri Twigg
KnowThis Host Zinhle Essamuah
NowThis Politics producer Zahra Haider
Correspondent Colleen Hagerty
Executive Producer Nancy Han
Thank you to guests who joined us from Stand Up America, Color of Change, the ACLU and more.

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