Tiny Bot Helps Clean Up the Sea

This tiny bot is helping to clean up the sea. The ‘Jellyfishbot’ is a robotic sea cleaning device. It is operated by a remote control, and its creators say it can turn corners and enter narrow spaces to collect trash like plastic bags, beverage bottles, and used surgical masks from areas of water where garbage collects.

Jellyfishbot was created by Nicolas Carlesi, a French sailor and diver, and his company IADYS. Carlesi says he was inspired to create the bot after constantly seeing trash floating on water in various different ports.

Estimates say that approx 150 million metric tons of plastics are circulating in our ocean and other marine environments, with an additional 8 million metric tons of plastics estimated to be entering our waterways each year. Carlesi hopes this bot will help make an impact on those numbers.

Currently, the Jellyfishbot is being used around 15 French ports, and according to its creators, the machine has also been exported to Singapore, Japan, and Norway. The company says it is planning to launch an autonomous version, which would be even more beneficial to port cleaners as it would require less human labor.