Ugandan Eco-Feminists Fight Sugar Plantation's Deforestation

Women farmers and eco-feminists like Beatrice Rukanyanga are fighting back against the destruction of Uganda's once thriving Bugoma Forest, which has been shrinking at the hands of illegal loggers, as well as tea and timber plantations.

In 2019, the Uganda High Court ordered the National Forestry Authority to vacate the land so Hoima Sugar Co. Ltd. could clear out more than 2,000 acres of forest. Up to one-fifth of the forest now faces destruction. Conservationists warn that it could lead to immense loss in biodiversity.

Beatrice's grassroots network of women is raising awareness and working to resist the destruction of the forest, which has an acute impact on the lives of local women who grow food, collect firewood and water, and gather medicine here. Any disruption of this can lead to increased domestic violence.

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