$200 Beer That's Banned in 15 States

True beer fanatics will spend quite a bit of money on their brews — but would you spend $200 on a truly good bottle? This special batch of Samuel Adams beer is banned in 15 states and has a 28% alcohol content, compared to Bud Light, which only has 4.2%.  

It's only made every two years — in fact only 13,000 bottles were available in 2017. One of the keys to brewing it is a special yeast called “Ninja Yeast.” According to Business Insider, it can stay alive despite the high alcoholic environment.

It includes three different types of German Noble Hops and is brewed by blending together various batches of beer — some which has been aged for 24 years. Once the special yeast is added, it apparently tastes more like port or cognac. It’s also non-carbonated because the high alcohol levels kill all the CO2 in the beer.

The brewery recommends that you drink one ounce per serving, instead of the usual pint. Because of its notable high alcohol content, it’s banned in several states. The founder of Boston Beer Co. stated in Fortune Magazine that he wants to push the boundaries of craft beer by brewing extreme beer.