Artistic Luxury Ice Cubes Are Real And Amazing

If you’re looking to spice up your cocktail, these cool cubes are perfect for you. The cubes are works of art — and have tiny little objects frozen inside, like edible flowers and herbs.

They’re called Disco Cubes and Leslie Kirchhoff spent about 4 years developing them before releasing them. Despite all that time, she says she prefers to keep the process a mystery. All of her cubes are hand-made involving a particular multi-step process, and each batch is made-to-order. The cubes are described as “artistic luxury ice.”

In addition to edible flowers and herbs, Kirchhoff freezes objects she finds funny or beautiful, like peppers and tiny palm trees. She’s also a photographer, filmmaker and DJ. She came up with the icy idea after she became interested in cocktails, and noticed that the ice component is often looked over.

Her inspiration comes from her fascination with frozen fish in clear ice of Wisconsin lakes, where she grew up. She’s also inspired by sculptural pieces from designers like Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis Group — as well as ‘70s disco culture, spy films, and old ads. More of her work, as well as her cool clientele, can be found on the Disco Cubes website.