Blue Brain Cheese Is Hard To Get In The U.S.

This insanely moldy cheese looks like a brain, but it’s actually a type of soft cheese — kind of like cream cheese but has a spicy, pepper-y taste from the mold. It’s called blue brain cheese from Switzerland.

“It’s inoculated with two molds. One of them is called geotrichum candidum. It’s a yeast-like mold that develops that really brainy looking texture.” Sam Frank, Operations Manager at Jumi Cheese explained. “It’s also inoculated with penicillim roqueforti, which is the blue mold. As it continues to age, it starts to just pick up wild ambient molds. It just gets sort of crazier and crazier looking over time.”

The cheese comes in a plastic dome, which acts as a tiny cave for the cheese to keep aging. Despite all the mold, the cheese is totally safe to eat — some people even say it’s good for you.

Frank stated, “It’s basically a living ecosystem of good bacteria, of yeast and mold.”

The cheese is best eaten with sweet things like honey, fresh apples, or sweet crunchy crackers. It’s sold in many places in Switzerland and Germany, but it’s not easy to find in the US, because it’s produced with raw milk. It also has a short shelf life so it’s only sold in the U.S. around the holidays. So if you’re wanting to try the moldy stuff, check then or head across the pond.