Chocolate Covered Onions Are A Tradition At This Candy Shop

This shop has been selling chocolate covered onions for 35 years, and many people pay $5 to take one home.

They started out as a gag gift, but now people actually challenge their friends to eat one — and they taste just how they sound — a sharp, raw onion covered in sweet chocolate.

They weird confections were created by Mueller Chocolate Co. in Philadelphia. In 1983, a show called “Double Muppets Hold the Onions” was filming across the street from the shop. The producers asked the shop to create the chocolate onion to use as a gag on the show, and the Muellers have sold the novelty in their shop ever since.

In 2012, Andrew Zimmern gave them a shout out in an episode of “Bizarre Foods,” and the chocolate onion when viral. The food might shock some people at first, but usually people find it funny. The onions are marketed for a person who is "sweet on the outside, but nasty on the inside."

Mueller Chocolate Co. is also known for their spooky, anatomically correct chocolate body parts. So if you’re a fan of funny foods, anatomy, or strange flavor combinations, then this chocolate shop and its smelly chocolate-covered onions are definitely for you.