Everything You Need to Know About Jackfruit

This special fruit tastes just like meat. According to The Guardian, jackfruit is the largest known tree fruit in the world — in fact, it can weigh up to 100 pounds. Apparently 10-12 of its bulbs could feed you for a half of day. It’s also particularly popular with vegetarians because it makes a great meat substitute; in fact, it’s commonly used in place of meat in India.

Restaurants in the U.S. have recently started using jackfruit more and more in vegan dishes — they swear that you can’t even tell it’s not meat. It has a texture similar to pulled pork and makes a great vegan substitute for the famous southern sandwich.

Un-ripened, jackfruit has a pretty neutral taste, as well as a meat-like texture. Some have claimed it tastes similar to chicken and can absorb flavors really well. But a ripened, it tastes like an apple, pineapple, mango and banana combo — now that’s a complex flavor profile!

Before it’s cut open, it has a pretty pungent decaying smell, but it’s perfectly safe to eat. It’s also really easy to grow and can survive pests, diseases, high temperatures and droughts. It's grown mostly across south and southest Asia, but it’s not hard to track down in the states.