This Cooking Show Highlights Queer Diversity Through Food


This cooking show uses food to highlight diversity in the queer community.

Queer filmmaker Michael Chernak created the web series “Home, A Queer Cooking Series” to show loving, human, and honest images of queer people through something we do each day — eating.

“We don’t see a lot of representation of queer people in the media and, when we do, it’s not always multidimensional,” he explained. “We don’t always get to see queer people in different light. And I think it’s important for me as an artist and filmmaker to always be checking myself, to always be working harder to understand people that have just entered my life from different communities everywhere.”

Every person on the show has a different story and a unique relationship with food and cooking. The show aims to create an inclusive community and features activists, drag kings/queens, artists, couples, and medical professionals. The videos also touch on topics like immigration, religion, racism, childhood memories, and home cooking.

Chernak continues to work on new episodes and meet more people, but also hopes to find a way to give back.

“I think the next step that I would like to take is to see what I can do in real life,” he said. “Whether it’s with charity work, volunteer work, working with other queer people in the community. I want to have food be something that is not only informational through the videos, but also to give back to a community that I may not be able to represent in film.”