Instagrammers Head to Interactive Exhibition of Giant Fruit in Los Angeles

This new interactive “museum” is filled with giant fruit.

“World of Fruit” is a new interactive exhibition in Los Angeles featuring eight fruit-themed installations including a watermelon playground, a “grape room” filled with infinity mirrors, and a “tropical desert oasis,” where visitors can play in a dragon fruit ball pit.

The LA Times described the exhibition as “a series of rooms decorated with fruit-themed installations intended as backdrops for social media selfie.”

“This is an experience built for Instagram. So I love seeing all the influencer some in,” the museum’s founder Andrew Zhou stated. “But my favorite part, for me, is actually seeing the kids have fun.”

The show is open through July. Tickets costs $35 for a 45-minute visit. A portion of the proceeds will help provide food for those in need.

“We believe that by creating worlds of wonder and joy, we can nourish the communities we play in,” Zhou said.