Kal Penn Invested In the Impossible Burger to Fight Climate Change

Actor Kal Penn thinks Impossible Burgers could help save the environment and he’s going back to White Castle to prove it.

“The way we produce, raise, and manufacture meat is one of the greatest causes of global warming and climate change, so what if I just make better choices in what I eat and what I put in my body,” he said.

Penn became an investor in Impossible Foods, a company that makes a plant-based burger that bleeds. The company wants to solve the environmental problems caused by the meat industry.

“I wanted to become an investor and kind of seemed like a great opportunity to support a company that was putting the right values in the right place, and first and foremost, was making a pretty delicious burger,” he said.

So he put his money where his mouth was — into the Impossible Burger, which is launching nationwide at fast food giant White Castle. The White Castle rollout means plant-based food will be accessible and affordable to more people than ever.

“I’m hoping that we’re kind of at that forefront with plant-based meat with something like — it’s a burger now — but I think they’re gonna roll out other forms of meat from Impossible,” Penn said. “And that would be incredible to have that choice, because then the price comes down for folks, you’re able to make more equitable, more healthful choices.”

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