Pizza to the Polls Nonprofit Sends Pizza to Voters Waiting in Long Lines

This organization sends free pizza to voters waiting in line on Election Day. It’s called Pizza to the Polls.

“People have to spend hours waiting in line to vote. People who have jobs that are hard to get away from, kids that need to be taken care of. Classes that they can’t miss,” the organization’s co-founder Noah Manger said. “And frankly, it’s a huge problem that not only do we not make voting as easy as ordering a pizza, but we have places around the country that are actively making it harder to vote, because they don’t want us to be able to do it.”

The website lets you report long lines at any polling place. Then Pizza to the Polls will order pies through local pizza joints for voters, volunteers, staff, or anyone else to enjoy while they wait.

“The pizzas are for everyone. They are for people standing in line to vote. They’re for their kids. People working the polls. Volunteers or paid staffers. Even just passersby. It’s not just about helping people exercise the right to vote, but about making voting a little bit more of a celebration,” Manger said.

All the money raised for Pizza to the Polls goes to pizza deliveries. Any money left over after elections is saved for future elections.