'Planetary Health Diet' Could Save Lives, Transform Planet

Scientists just created a new global diet plan that could save millions of lives and transform our planet.

More than 30 scientists teamed up with the EAT-Lancet Commission to create the “planetary health diet,” which they believe is the ideal guideline to keep humans nourished without damaging our planet.

Experts believe Earth’s population will increase to 10 billion by 2050 and our current habits are putting it at major risk of severe global warming, fresh water contamination, and the destruction of wildlife.

The diet is mostly plant-based, with a suggested intake of 2,500 calories a day. It’s essentially half a plate of fruits, veggies, and nuts and another half of whole grains, legumes, and a limited serving of meat.

The diet plan would cut red meat consumption by 77% in Europe and 84% in North America. Scientists say the structured diet will also reduce premature adult deaths by approximately 11 million people per year, and help shape a safer space for food production that is more environmentally friendly.

“Food is by no means the only means to achieve global climate targets, but it is an important contributor nevertheless,” the EAT-Lancet Commission stated. “Hence the focus needs to be on the reduction of fossil fuel emissions and the changing of diets.”
The findings of this new food report will be shown to lawmakers in 40 cities worldwide.