Resealable Wine Cans Are Here In Time For Summer


Someone created resealable cans of rosé, so you can save some for later.

The can helps keep out oxygen and can slow down the oxidation process — a chemical reaction that happens when air hits the wine. This can leave the wine tasting nutty or like bruised fruit. Oxygen can also make the natural bacteria in grapes grow, which turns wine acidic, creating a vinegar-like taste.

NowThis put The Drop cans to the test, by opening one, resealing it, and putting it in the fridge for a day, along with an unsealed version of the wine. The unsealed rosé turned a rusty color, which is a sign of oxidation. It was also super bland to drink after that point and had lost all of its carbonation. But The Drop resealable can still held it’s carbonation and had a similar crisp, fruity taste when it was first opened.

The cans hold a half a bottle of wine so the cap might come in handy if you only feel like indulging in one glass of wine. It is also useful when you you’re on the go but still want a rosé fix along the way.

Wine doesn’t last super long after it’s been opened — even with a cork or a wine stopper — and sparkling wine starts losing its bubbles after a day. But inventions like The Drop will hopefully make your super drink last a little later.