Robots Make Your Food at This Restaurant


This restaurant called Spyce cooks your food without any chefs — and it only takes three minutes or less. It’s said to be the world’s first automated restaurant, using robots to cook all your food.  

The cooking process starts by the ingredients being poured into hoppers. The hoppers then toss the food in woks that use induction technology and cook it by constantly tumbling it around. There are no chefs needed for the process — just electricity and water.

The robotic kitchen monitors cooking, refrigeration, and water temperatures. There are some people who prep and chop ingredients before it goes into the robot, but otherwise the process is completely electronic. People even order their food using touchscreens.

Spyce was created by four MIT students in their fraternity basement. They wanted to create a place to get nutritious food at a low cost. All of the bowls at Spyce start at $7.50. The menu is also vegetable-focused and they don’t use beef, because they believe it isn’t a sustainable ingredient.

Michelin-star chef Daniel Boulud is the culinary director of the Boston-based eatery so it definitely has some knowledgeable people at its helm. Granted that the food as delicious as its hand-prepared counterpart, maybe more robotic restaurants will start popping up.