Sandwiches Have Huge Carbon Footprints

Your sandwich might be contributing to global warming. A recent study tracking the cycles of sandwiches found that the food inside them leaves behind a huge carbon footprint — equal to the carbon emissions of over eight million cars.

The University of Manchester conducted the study, which analyzed over 40 sandwich recipes and noted how each was made, packaged, stored and transported. They also collected data on waste product generated. Cheese, vegetables, meat and bread can contribute anywhere between 37 to 67% of carbon emissions in how they’re prepared alone. Packaging, transport and refrigeration are also culprits creating an additional 37.5% of emissions.  

Re-packaged breakfast sandwiches emit the most carbon, while homemade ham and cheese emits the least amount. The team thinks changes in packaging and preparation can cut the foods emission by 50%, as well as being mindful of waste product generated.

So the next time you eat a sandwich, consider planting a tree or doing something for the environment to balance it out.