Square Watermelon Is a Thing in Japan — But They’re Just for Show

Square watermelons are the product of some meticulous growing techniques. But for how cool they cool, they actually don’t taste as nice. Despite this, they can cost up to $150. The fruit mimics regular watermelons, but they’re grown in cubes to give them their unique shape.

So why do they not taste as nice? According to BBC, they were created to easily fit into a fridge over 40 years ago in Japan. But now they’re sold as decorations, because of their signature shape — they’re kind of like Japanese houseplants. If you were to cut into one of the fruits, you would find a yellow flesh, that is blander than its sweet red counterpart.

Fruit is considered a luxury item in Japan, and it's usually given as a gift. There are actually entire businesses focused on creating the most perfect fruit, which is regularly offered to the gods as a sign of respect. You can find funny-shaped fruit like the square watermelon in fancy fruit shops in Japan — they’re sort of like gift shops. You can even grow your own to have as a houseplant, all you need is a watermelon plant and a mold to make it cubed as it grows.