This Beehive Lets You Make Your Own Honey At Home

Fresh honey is arguably one of the yummiest-tasting things you can eat, but buying or making your own isn’t exactly easy. But this beehive lets you make homemade honey on tap in your own backyard without a bee suit. Every Harvest yields up to 6.5 pounds of honey from each of the hive’s frames.

Traditional honey harvesting can crush bees and lead to bee stings, so the creators of the Flow Hive wanted to find an easier way to get honey. They ended up making a backyard beehive that turns honeycomb into a tap without hurting the bees — or yourself.

Bees won’t just find their way into the beehive boxes, though. You usually have to buy a small hive to get started. And it’s not just about the honey — the company also wants to educate people on the importance of bees and their conservation.

Within 15 minutes of launching on Indiegogo, Flow Hive had over $250,000 in pre-orders. The hives range in price from $499-$699 — a little bit on the pricey side, but still ideal for “newbees.” So, if you have always been curious about bee keeping, and want to help out the environment, consider investing in these user-friendly hives.