This Brewery Is Using Recycled Christmas Trees To Make Beer

The brewery uses discarded Christmas trees to brew its beer. Dutch botanical brewery Lowlander Beer is using recycled Christmas trees to brew its 2019 Winter IPA.  

The idea came to the brewers when they saw that 2.4 million Christmas trees are used over the holidays and then simply thrown in the trash.

“After an intense period of loving the tree, we then treat the tree as rubbish,” explained Lowlander founder Frederik Kampman. “And that’s what we’re going to change.”

While the beer only uses the needles of the trees, the brewery is shooting for “zero waste” by using the rest of the tree to make a range of smoked cheeses and chips in Lowlander’s pop-up “Tree to Table Botanical Brewkitchen Dinners.”

Lowlander has also launched a “Tree to Table” crowdfunding campaign to help with the collection and processing of the trees.

“Our diverse backgrounds as brewers, mixologists, distillers, and foodies both in the Netherlands and abroad gives us a different perspective on what beer can be,” said Kampman.