This Coffee Company Trains Prison Inmates To Be Baristas


Redemption Coffee Roasters operates inside of a prison, and is teaching young inmates coffee skills.

“Within two years of leaving prison, only 15% of the guys are actually employed,” explained the company’s cofounder Max Dubiel. “You wonder what else are they going to do than turn back to crime, right? If they can’t get a job and need to put food on the table.”

The coffee company wants to help lower the UK’s reoffending rate by setting up shop at Aylesbury Prison. In partnership with the Ministry of Justice, Redemption teaches inmates the basics of coffee preparation so it’s easier for them to find a job once released. They provide barista training as well as teach business skills for running a coffee shop. They are a wholesale coffee supplier and have a couple of cafes in London.

“We like to get them really excited about coffee and really hope that the large majority will be in coffee in several years to come,” explained Dubiel.

The program has been operating for a year and a half, and 18 men have gone through it so far. They’ve also started barista training at other prisons in the area and hope to expand in the future.