This Diet Is A Paleo And Vegan Hybrid

This diet is a paleo and vegan hybrid — even though they’re complete opposites.

It’s called the pegan diet. It’s not strictly paleo or vegan. A paleo’s diet is “caveman style” and protein heavy and a vegan’s diet eliminates all animal products. So how does that work? The pegan diet focuses on a low glycemic load, foods low in sugar, high in plants, nuts and seeds, (75% of your diet should be plants.) It also prioritizes healthy fats with Omega-3s, no dairy or gluten, but eating gluten-free whole grains and beans sparingly. Meat shouldn’t be the main part of your meal. You should be eating as clean as possible, which entails eating locally and organically and avoiding things like chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

The diet was created by Dr. Mark Hyman, who has been studying nutrition for 30 years and learned about the benefits of each diet, but didn’t want to choose one, since many studies have small sample pools and can’t draw firm conclusions. So, he combined the healthiest parts of both diets into one. Studies have shown that both diets might help with weight loss, revenge diabetes and lower cholesterol. So if you’re having trouble settling on a diet, this combination could be for you.