This Milk Made From Yeast Has No Soy, Gluten, Or Lactose


This vegan milk is made kind of like beer.

It has the same taste and texture as cow’s milk, but the process doesn’t involve a single cow. It’s made of fermented yeast and has no soy, gluten, or lactose — but still has the same nutritious proteins found in cow’s milk.

The milk is made by Perfect Day Foods, who developed a yeast that could make dairy proteins (like casein and whey). The yeast then ferments in sugar. The process is similar to craft brewing, and how vanilla and insulin are made. It’s said to be cleaner and more resource-efficient than animal farming.

Perfect Day Foods wants to partner with dairy companies to get rid of factory farms where cows are confined indoors under strictly controlled conditions. This type of farming produces 37% of our methane emissions. If conventional dairy production shifted to yeast-made milk, it could result in a 98% reduction in water consumption and 65% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Perfect Day Foods also wants its dairy base to create other products like cheese and yogurt. Maybe soon, all dairy products will have the same delicious taste, but won’t have to entail more animal cruelty or excess greenhouse gas emissions.