This Self-Driving Grocery Store Can Go Straight To Your Home

This self-driving grocery store will come straight to your door, and lets you pick out your own fruits and vegetables on the spot. You can request a “Robomart” through an app, unlock the door when it arrives and shop for anything you want. The system could be a great line of defense against food deserts, which are regions that don’t have immediate/close access to fresh and healthy food.

For some people living in these “deserts” the distance to a grocery store can be up to 10-20 miles. But, according to Food Beast, any home within a 40-mile radius can use Robomart. Fresh produce is usually needed the most from people in these circumstances. Fortunately, the vehicle has built-in refrigeration and warming options, to transport perishables easily.

It will track and charge you for items you select, and is said to be environmentally friendly. You can’t request Robomart yet, but the first prototype has already been built in California. They still have to get an autonomous vehicle testing permit and when they do, they hope to license Robomart to grocery stores, to offer as a shopping option for their customers. The future of grocery shopping looks pretty convenient — and it can help ensure more people have access to fresh produce.