This Woman Makes Eerily Realistic Body Part Cakes

Cake is a pretty universally loved dessert, especially when it comes in pretty shapes. Bakers are able to create some pretty fantastic objects out of cake and frosting, from flowers, to high heels, to other types of food like tacos. But imagine eating a sweet sugary confection that looks like it was just yanked out of someone’s body, complete with goopy edible blood. This might make some people’s stomach churn but it’s what this particular baker specializes in. Katherine Dey makes human body parts, grisly gross innards, and disturbingly life-like heads out of cake.

The baker first got the idea to make body part cakes when she learned during nursing school that the word “placenta” means flat cake. This gave her the idea to bake a placenta-shaped flat cake. She says that when people first see her cakes, they tend to want to run away and want to eat them at the same time.

She started baking as a hobby while she was studying nursing and also has a background in illustration and sculpting, which is why she can make her confections look so life-like. She then founded her shop Deviant Desserts as a way to combine her love for art, desserts, anatomy, and science.