This Woman Uses Cake To Spark Conversations Of Social Change


Rose McAdoo uses cake to drive social change and start conversations about global crises. Her company, Whisk Me Away Cakes, features artistic designs that tell stories about immigration reform, farming practices, and environmental protection.

“I’ve been making cakes for a long time now, and I’m ready for cakes to really do something,” she explained. “It’s a really, really, really exciting way to start changing the discussion about a lot of global issues.”

McAdoo bakes cakes that spark a dialogue and tries to bring people together through food. Her cakes go beyond visuals to send a message, and are each made with ingredients or recipes that are authentic to the regions being highlighted.  

“A lot of refugees and immigrants in New York have been kind of mentoring me and training me in all these different styles of cooking and using different ingredients,” she said. “I just feel very humbled. It’s taught me a lot about what desserts can do and how we can all come together over it.”

McAdoo has worked with organizations like UNICEF, the UN, and World Refugee Day to inspire change and celebrate culture through cake. She says that even in the darkest situations, cake makes people come together and share a moment that focuses on the good.

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