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Unicorn Noodles Are Now a Thing

The unicorn trend has definitely dominated in the food world — and it has now taken on noodle bowls. This colorful food obsession is clearly still in full swing and isn’t just applicable to sweet foods. The dish is comprised of multi-colored noodles adorned with the usual suspects you would find in a noodle bowl.

Though the colors look like they’re synthetic, they’re actually made naturally from purple cabbage and lemon juice — you could likely even make them at home.

The process first involves boiling purple cabbage, then soaking clear or white noodles in the boiled liquid. The more cabbage that’s used, the more vibrant it will get. To turn the noodles pink and purple, just add a squeeze of lemon or lime — it’s amazing natural color alchemy. The pigment from the purple cabbage reacts to the acid from the lemon juice.

The bowls were created by a vegan food blogger named AJ. He also makes rainbow sushi rolls by adding baking soda and cabbage water to make blue rice, along with other natural food dyes. The bowls are proof that healthy eating doesn’t just have to involve just green food — you can incorporate every color of the rainbow.