This Vegan Chef Doesn’t Throw Away Any Food

Vegan chef Max La Manna never throws out food, and wants to start a no-waste revolution.

“I never waste food. So, my food scraps are going into compost,” he explained. “I have this idea of going into restaurants and taking the food scraps from them, because those food scraps just go into the garbage, and then are ending up in a landfill just decaying away.”

La Manna combines his love for vegan cooking and his passion for sustainability in his food blog Eating with Max. The site gives people to tools to cook consciously, and shows them that’s it’s easier than they might think to reduce food waste in the kitchen.

He started his endeavor by refusing straws and napkins at restaurants — now he brings containers everywhere for leftovers, bottles extra drinking water, and buys food in bulk, without packaging.

“Every day is a new challenge and every day is a new journey. If you could do one thing today towards this zero-waste lifestyle, it then becomes bigger and bigger,” he explained.

He also thinks everyone would get on board with composting, reducing waste, and sustainable cooking if they knew more about it. So, if you’re interested in shrinking your food waste, more tips and sustainable recipes can be found on Eating with Max.

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