Yerba Mate Is Massively Popular Across South America


This herbaceous green drink apparently gives you a bigger energy boost than black tea.

Yerba mate has been a staple in South America for centuries, and has twice the amount of caffeine as black tea, but less than half the amount as coffee (around 100-200mg per cup).

The tea-like beverage is made from a dried herb on yerba mate trees and has an earthy, bittersweet taste. The drink is traditionally placed in a gourd, then shaken, crushed, or ground. Cold water is poured in a little bit at a time until it’s absorbed by the herbs, then hot water is added to fill the gourd.

In Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil, yerba mate is consumed even more than coffee. It has plenty of health benefits, and many claim its antioxidants do wonders for their health. It’s also used for stamina and general medicinal purposes. In fact, it’s known as the herb from the gods by the Guaraní people in Paraguay and the Tupi people in Southern Brazil.

However, some studies have linked too much yerba mate consumption to cancer, so you might want to do a bit of research before you try to incorporate it into your morning routine.

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