1M+ Bolivian Voters Protest, Call Out President

More than a million Bolivians protested Amazon fire inaction, calling out their president for not declaring a national disaster.
Many Bolivian voters care calling for a “punishment vote” against President Evo Morales, who is up for re-election on October 20, 2019. By not deeming the Amazon wildfires a national disaster, Bolivians say their country is missing out on much-needed international aid.
Protest organizers said approximately 1.5 million people filled the Santa Cruz streets.
“Not another meter of land to citizens who do not live in Santa Cruz,” Pro Santa Cruz Committee President Luis Fernando Camacho stated. “The land is for those who live and love Santa Cruz. This will be the end of their domination and geopolitical (not sure what word was here)n of our department.”
In response to their demands to issue a national disaster, Morales says doing so could “invite foreign meddling” in a sovereign issue.”
Since May, wildfires have scorched regions of Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, and Paraguay. Approximately six million acres of forest in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, have burned. In October 2019, the fires were reportedly extinguished in Bolivia following heavy rain.

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