Algae 'Bioreactor' Captures as Much Carbon as an Acre of Trees

This algae “bioreactor” is designed to capture as much carbon as an acre of trees.
The Eos Bioreactor connects with an HVAC system to reduce carbon dioxide levels, grow algae, and release cleaner air. The process is known as “biosequestration,” or capturing and storing carbon dioxide using biological processes. In the case of algae, the organism needs carbon dioxide to grow.
AI-focused startup Hypergiant Industries is developing a prototype of the Eos Bioreactor. The company claims that each bioreactor is designed to extract as much carbon as “an entire acre of trees.” The team is also studying how algae grows, with sensors monitoring light, heat, pH, growth speed, and oxygen output. The harvested algae can be used to make products like food, fertilizer, cosmetics, and even fuel.
Researchers have been considering algae farms as a sustainable solution to rising carbon dioxide levels. As of 2011, carbon dioxide emissions had increased by roughly 90% since 1970 because of fossil fuel combustion, agriculture, and deforestation. Austin-based Hypergiant Industries’’ advisory board includes former astronaut Andy Allan and scientists Bill Nye.
“We’re not aiming for a utopia, but simply a better universe,” Nye stated