Android vs. iPhone: How To Decide Which Phone To Buy

When the Pixel came out, it was rated one of the best cameras ever in a smartphone. And two years later, it’s still high up on the charts. So when NowThis Future’s Dain Evans got the iPhone X for review purposes, he thought he was going to be blown out of the water. But Google’s use of AI image processing tipped the scale for him. So if you’re focusing on cameras when deciding on which phone to buy, he’d say choose an Android — although, iPhone’s portrait mode is really gorgeous.

In terms of iOS, (specifically iOs 11,) Apple controls its own hardware and software so they can usually get away with having lower specs than other high-end Android phones, while delivering a smoother, faster experience. Android has to contend with hundreds of phones using all sorts of third-party additions, like when Samsung or LG or Blackberry add their own firmware, or bloatware. So they might technically be stronger phones, but Apple performs better. So if you’re a performance-pusher, Dain would have to suggest an iPhone.
In terms of widgets, Apple added widgets to their iOS via a left swipe on the home screen, but they’re just not as convenient. When you tap on an iOS widget it makes you open the app itself, whereas Android allows you to interact in the widget, so you can update things instantly. But you can only download apps to your phone via Apple’s app store. Therefore, Apple has a much higher security threshold than Android, which, until pretty recently, had an almost open-door policy for apps on their Google Play store, and you can still download apps beyond the walls of its store.

Buying a phone is a major decision in today’s world. They can be a real burden on your budget, and if you plan on keeping it for a while, you want to make sure you love it. So you have to weigh your needs against the available choices.  Are you someone who favors security and appearance? Or do you prioritize convenience and freedom? The good news the choice is YOURS! And whatever you choose, you’ve got some really good options.

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