Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks iOS 12's New Screen Time Feature

Apple CEO Tim Cook explained iOS 12’s new Screen Time.

“Some people are spending too much time in certain apps and we want them to know that, because we believe if people know what they’re doing that they’re in the best situation to decide whether they want to be doing that a lot,” he explained. “And so we’re reporting things like how many notifications you get, how many times do you pick up your phone during the course of the day, how much time are you spending on each of these apps during the course of the day.”

Cook explained that Apple was never aiming for people to use their phone all day long, and wants “you to have a great life.”

“The great thing about this is you can look at this every day or once a week or across a longer period of time if you want more data, but we’re putting the power in your hands to make the decisions,” he explained. “And sort of like what the Apple Watch does with telling you how many calories you burn through the day, it’s sort of a moment of truth to look at this report to see where you’re spending your time, which is arguably the most important decision all of us make each day of our lives.”