MIT Researchers Develop BeeMe, A Game For Controlling Others' Movements

This game lets you control a real human’s every move.

“BeeMe” is a “massive immersive social experiment” designed by researchers at the MIT Media Lab. It lets internet users dictate an actor’s every move for one night in order to save humanity from an evil AI.  The game goes live at 11 pm ET on Halloween 2018.

In the narrative conjured up by MIT researchers, users will have the chance to try and outsmart an evil robot called Zookd who has gone rogue on the internet.

Participants must work collectively to guide the actor on a path to stop the AI. Users will be able to issue commands in two different ways: by submitting them on the website and by up or downvoting other commands. Obviously, illegal action and those that endanger the actor will not be allowed in the game.

The “Black Mirror” –esque game is more than just an eerie Halloween activity. Its creators say it’s a way to reopen a conversation “about privacy, ethics, entertainment, and social interactions.”

The game will be broadcast on Those who wish to participate can register on October 31 — so if you’re looking an opportunity to operate someone’s every move and save the world, now is your chance.