China’s Dancing Drone Show Just Broke The World Record

Sure, drones in the states can fly around and give you great aerial photos, but this amazing light show puts them to shame. The show, comprised of special “dancing drones” also broke a world record.

1,347 drones lit up the sky above Xi’an China for its Labor Day celebration. Each was equipped with brightly colored lights to honor the holiday and history of the ancient city, while showing China’s technological advancement. The drones lit of the sky with a rainbow of lights that bobbed in between each other to create a bunch of cool patterns.

“I’m greatly impressed,” stated local spectator Zhang Cunku. “I can see how much the technology has advanced, and the splendid achievements brought about by the rapid development of Xi’an.”

The drones were manned by just one operator, using only one computer, which is another world first. The drones flew within centimeters of each other without colliding.

“So, when people visit Xi’an, they can only experience our historical and cultural heritage, our amazing Chinese culture, but also see the fast-changing science and technology, our artificial intelligence. China’s confidence in Chinese culture, and China as a technology superpower, implications like these,” explained the drone show’s planner Shi Zheyuan.