Eco-Friendly Water Filter Reduces Single-Use Plastic Waste

This eco-friendly water filter is designed to reduce single-use plastic.

Many standard water filters require a replacement cartridge every 30-60 days leading to plastic waste. UK-based Phox Designed a refillable water cartridge to reduce single-use plastic.

More than eight million tons of plastic end up in oceans every year. While some filter brands, like Brita, implement recycling plans. Phox’s refillable filter could avoid any carbon footprint. The Phox V2 is made of upcycled materials like eco-friendly glass and recycled plastic.

The company also sources labor for packaging, materials and design from local companies in the UK.

The Phox V2 features five layers of filtration to remove hardness and contaminants and add healthy minerals. The approximately $60 starter kit includes the Phox V2 jug and a six-month refill pack. The first orders are expected to ship in August 2019.