Fortnite Champ 'Swatted' While Streaming on Twitch

“Fortnite” world champ Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf was “swatted” during his Twitch stream.
Police interrupted his Twitch stream while he was playing “Fortnite” at his Pennsylvania home. Shortly after leaving the game, Giersdorf got back online and explained that he has been “swatted.”
Swatting is a form of harassment where someone called the cops, either anonymously or while impersonating another person, and claims a nonexistent crime is happening at a target’s house. The goal is to send police (or a SWAT team) charging into the victim’s home.
The fake caller reportedly claimed to be Giersdorf and told police he was armed with an AK-47, shot his dad multiple times, and tied his mom up in the garage. Police say the call came from “an overseas area” out of the country.
In 2017, a swatting incident led to the death of gamer Andrew Finch. Police shot him after receiving a call from Tyler Barriss, who was having an argument with Finch over a “Call of Duty” game. Barriss was later sentenced to at least 20 years behind bars.