How Sex Robots Could Affect Our Love Lives

Sex robots are projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry and while some of them cost thousands of dollars we might start to see them get cheaper. And that means we might see more sex robots in our day to day. Sex robots sound sleazy on the surface but people argue that they could solve a “loneliness crisis” and offer those who are hard pressed to find traditional companionship an intimate alternative. Others argue that sex robots are a slippery slope, that sleeping with robots will do more damage to society by making us more reclusive.

Sex robots started popping up at tech cons and shows around 2010. The first of its kind was called “Roxxxy.” Company True Companion debuted Roxxxy on its site claiming that she can have conversations with users, that her skin feels like real skin, and that it can sense touch. And she has five different personalities you can cycle between.

On top of customizing her personality you can change her race, cleavage, and hair. Eye color, nails, and pubic hair are also options for you to tinker with. And if men are more your thing there’s an equally customizable “Rocky’ male sex robot. Since Roxxxy’s debut there have been more companies springing up in all parts of the world, designing their own versions that try to improve upon the formula, including Roxxxy’s own manufacturer, which is already on their ninth version of the bot.

Sex robots use a “sophisticated AI” to talk with their human counterparts, they’re equipped with sensors and actuators to react to your touch, in most cases can self-lubricate, and they moan and orgasm when you hit their robot “g-spots.” They all cost anywhere between $10,000 to $30,000 and all of them aim to be the perfect companion in and out of the bedroom. Essentially, you’d never have to worry about being lonely again. But this raises some ethical concerns.

If a sex robot is programmed with AI, can it understand consent? Is it possible to sexually assault a robot? Those are questions we’re dealing with in today’s world.

And in the future, when we won’t be able to tell robots from humans, when robots (not just sexbots) are walking down the street, holding oil lattes and cracking jokes about the weather, will people joke about how primitive it was for us to limit companionship to just human beings?

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