How To Switch Your City To 100% Renewable Energy

More than 70% of global CO2 emissions come from cities and if more cities made the switch to 100% renewable energy utilizing solar energy, wind power, hydropower, and more, it could have a major impact on our climate change goals.

Renewable energy is energy that is made from natural processes that don't run out, like wind or solar power, unlike fossil fuels, like oil and coal, that exist on Earth and also produce harmful greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane. It also has an almost non-existent carbon footprint, which is one of many benefits to making the switch. It's clean so it reduces air pollution, and the investment in a renewable energy infrastructure creates new jobs in the solar and wind energy industries.

In 2018, renewable energy only accounted for 17.1% for electricity in the U.S. came from renewables in 2018. Right now, six U.S. cities run solely on renewable energy, with more and more following suit in an attempt to live a more sustainable life and reach our climate change goals. And these policies don’t need the president’s approval in order to action upon. New York state and St. Petersburg activists are also lobbying their representatives to commit to a renewable energy agenda. 

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