Japanese Researchers Create Robot With Intricate Muscular And Skeletal Structure

This robot named Kengoro is a humanoid from Japan that mimics the complex muscular and skeletal structure of the human body. That means it can do things like pushups — although it can’t do crazy flips and stunts like some other robots. It has 174 joints powered by 116 motors, which allow it to make body movements unlike anything else. It even has a cooling system that resembles the way humans sweat.

Researchers hope Kengoro can help us understand the mechanism through which our neural network controls our body movements. They also think that they can make better crash test dummies, since their bodies mimic humans’ so closely. It may also be able to improve sports analytics by providing a body in which try out fitness test on. What’s more, they may even be able to entertain people at theme parks by showing off their impressive and intricate man-made muscular system.